Consultation Services

Esports is a rapidly growing industry both globally and locally. Our team can help you in understanding the complex aspects of working with esports and how to tackle the local market.

We will assist you in identifying market gaps and business opportunities, analyze the current state of the local market, identify trends, and shape your business approach to ensure that your organization is applying a solid business model.

Project Conceptualization

Whether you are looking to launch a ground breaking esprots mega project, or creating casual esports & gaming activations, our team is ready to assist you in coming up with engaging concepts and ideas that are guaranteed to achieve your set goals.

Publisher Communication

We have built strong & trusting relations with the major game publishers over the years, with direct connections to there local & regional offices, and we also played a pivotal role in establishing the Saudi Arabian Federation for Electronic & Intellectual Sports.

We can assist you with all your project licensing needs from game publishers, and help facilitate your local licenses with the Saudi Arabian Federation for Electronic & Intellectual Sports.


Market Trends & Insights

Utilizing various data sources such as our esports centers, tournaments & events, and our esports platform, we have direct access to a reliable and up-to-date source of key market information.

Our market insights include local esports demographics, game utilization trends, streaming preferences, average spending, and much more.

Esports Events Design

We have worked on esports events of all sizes and with a wide variety of game titles & themes. Our design and creative teams will help capture your ideas and translate them into sketches and 2D/3D designs to accurately visualize them.

Our teams are experienced with designing both indoor & outdoor gaming & esports events of all sizes.


Esports Activations Design

Our design and creative teams will help you come up with exciting, creative, and new ideas for all sorts of engaging activations suitable for all any age. Whether you are looking for a game themed activations or activations designed around your brand and values, we can help you deliver bold and new experiences to your audience.

Esports Events Player & Crowd Management

We don’t just design your events, but we also help you manage them as effectively and efficiently as possible. Our player communication team is experienced with managing esports players from amateurs to professionals and understands their unique needs, and our crowd management teams have years of experience and have helped in managing some of the regions largest events.

Tournament Design

Building and delivering esports tournaments is our core service at Challenge Arena. We have delivered 70+ successful tournaments ranging from small community driven tournaments to mega and mass participation tournaments. We have successfully designed, executed, and delivered the countries first televised and licensed tournaments

Trusted by MENAs biggest professional organizations, teams, and players,  we continue to lead the regional market with our world-class regional tournaments.

Broadcast Studio

State of the art broadcast studios built with the latest in IP based technology to ensure powerful and smooth delivery with technology or vendor dependency.

Our custom green-room studios allow for unique and branded 3D virtual studio designs that can be changed and updated rapidly allowing for different projects to be run simultaneously with minimum mobilization times.

Live & Pre-recorded Segments

Our studio can accommodate all types of live or pre-recorded broadcasts from our premises.

2D & 3D animated graphics and overlays can be composited on both live & pre-recorded broadcasts allowing for many creative applications.

Live Coverage

Our core equipment is powerful yet light; being based on IP technology, we can relocate and scale our setup to any venue or location -both indoors & outdoors- in a timely manner based on requirements and be ready to broadcast in record times.

2D, 3D, & Motion Graphics

Our creative & innovative design teams are well experienced in both 2D & 3D graphics, as well as animated & motion graphics.

Our technologies also allow us to utilize live graphics; on-screen graphics showing live data & information from a variety of sources.


Video Montages

Our editors have years of experience with esports specific skills when it comes to video editing. Whether you are looking for teaser videos, full-on montages, tournament recaps & highlights, or creative & engaging content designed for social media, our team will never fail to deliver bold & exciting content.

Social Media Content

Our team of designers & social media experts provide a variety of services such as engaging social media content design, social media activation design & management, campaigns & digital ads, and more.

Supporting Services

In addition to our core operations services, we also provide a variety of supporting services such as:

  • Game observers
  • Chat moderators
  • Data analysis
  • Player management & communication
  • Social media management.

Tournament Operation

The best and most efficient team in esports operations in the region. We provide A-Z operation services such as:

  • Tournament administrators
  • Game referees
  • Technical assistance

Professional Commentators

The MENA’s best commentators & shoutcasters. We take pride in having worked hand-in-hand throughout the years with the top talents in the region in esports commentating, and having the #1 rated esports commentator as a member of our team.

We have immediate access to both inhouse and community commentators for all popular esports titles ready to deliver an exciting performance.

Professional Analysts

Make use of our extensive database of professional game analysts & experts to be part of your next esports project. Ready to provide in-depth gameplay analysis, play-by-play breakdowns, and much more to engage your audience and add a professional touch to your project.


Training Courses

Challenge Arena’s expert team provides training courses on a variety of topics related to esports commentating and analysis. Our courses cover a wide range of topics for beginners and experienced talents alike to help them reach their goals and put their performance on par with the industry’s best.


Esports Management Platform

A proprietary esports platform built from the ground up by gamers for gamers. Our esports platform’s technology has powered the regions largest esports tournaments & events proving its robust technology.

Hardware Procurement & Rental

We provide all kinds of high-end gaming hardware and peripheral procurement & rental services in small, medium, and large quantities. Ready to launch your next exciting esports project? We have you covered.


Gaming Ready Network Infrastructure

Gaming ready network infrastructure design & deployment services for any indoor or outdoor esports tournament or event.

Our expert team of inhouse senior network engineers can assist you with designing the right network for your next esports event with low latency and redundancy in mind to ensure a smooth experience for all participants.